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Benefits of OMMC

Dear aspiring Online Marketing Manager,

If you’ve always wondered how you can break out of the hours-for-dollars scenario as a service provider, there’s never been a better time to fast-track your learning curve so you can get in front of the big players in the business world.

These high-level players aren’t fooling around.

They’ve been looking for years for someone who can take over the marketing aspect of their business. Trouble is, there has never been anyone who really understands it all.

So they’ve hired several different online marketing specialists; like social media managers, product launch experts, SEO optimizers and content marketers. But with no unifying over-arching marketing plan AND the right person to manage it all from the top down, their marketing efforts end up scattered and they often lose money as a result.

But now, this unique, world-class certification training program is changing all that.

In just four months, you’ll learn everything you really need to know about online marketing; the skills, the programs, the knowledge-base, the techniques and tools for tracking metrics, effective team management, business-building strategies, and more.

A four-month course is fast-tracking?
Yes, it is. And here’s why…

If you consider all the time and money it would take you to find and take separate types of online marketing courses, say for social media, product launches, conversion optimization, branding, affiliates, etc. from different training providers, you’d not only end up dolling out a ton of money, but you’d only have bits and pieces of the puzzle and no way of knowing how to piece them all together into ONE efficient online marketing strategy that could really grow a client’s business the right way over the long term.By the end of this 16-week intensive program, you will be ready to fully and quickly integrate into a client’s business and hit the ground running, which is exactly what your target market is looking for. Plus they are willing to truly invest in this high-level service. Here are the details.

Online Marketing Manager Certification™

Next program start date: March 21, 2016

Finally, an in-depth program like no other in the online marketing world today.

But we’re only taking a limited number of people — people who are serious and committed to taking their business to a whole new level — and putting in the hard work to make it happen.

Student Testimonial - Brenda Rivas

So, why would you want to become a Certified Online Marketing Manager™?

Here are a just a few great reasons. Because you want to…Up-Level!The reality is, online businesses aren’t going anywhere…they all need someone with high-level marketing knowledge and skills to help them stay competitive and achieve ongoing, sustainable success. Even brick and mortar businesses still need help marketing their business online. And that means a very bright future for Certified Online Marketing Managers!

  “Fluff should reside with the dust bunnies under your bed.
You won’t find it here in this program.”

Student TestimonialOur intensive 16-week program start this February. So if you’re really serious about making the move to become a Certified Online Marketing Manager™, you don’t want to be left out.

Remember, there is a really big target market just waiting for new graduates. But you’ll have to prove to these potential clients that you have the right stuff. And the only way to do that is to get this training and certification.

So, are you ready to start a whole new era in your business — and your life?

Become a Certified Online Marketing Manager™ and you’ll be in high demand with exciting clients and prospects who will pay well for your services. What’s more, you’ll be one of the professionals that we consistently recommend.

OMMC Program + Bonuses


Remember, we will be taking a small select group of participants in this program, so if this sounds like it could be a good fit for you, you’ll want to ensure you’re on this list so you can get all the info as it happens and jump in now! You can even go right to the application process right here.

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